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Project Annapurna

About Project Annapurna

  • A wing of IGNITED MINDS, to feed the hungry people.
  • In INDIA, many homeless are suffering with starvation.
  • There are many children, women, old people under BPL.
  • And, they are not in a position to earn their own food.
  • We conducted many food drives in 2020 and in 2021.
  • More than 600 families were helped with groceries.
  • We conduct food drives every Sunday to feed homeless.

Project Shakthi

About Project Shakthi

  • A wing of IGNITED MINDS, to support and empower women.
  • Many girls /women are lacking of security in these days.
  • Many girls are looking for support to fulfill their dreams.
  • We give free combat training for women and girls.


  • We conducted many workshops on confidence building for women to handle any critical situation.
  • We adopted girls and looking their care, education, needs.
  • Project Shakthi helps in empowering women in certain ways

Project Annadatha

About Project Annadatha

  • A wing of IGNITED MINDS,to support & help farmers
  • Many farmers are committing suicide due to crop fails
  • Still many farmers not aware of new trends in farming
  • We give free training about crops & seed management…


  • We conducted ground level surveys to know about needs &problems of farmers
  • We provide kits to poor farmers for farming
  • Project Annadatha targets at helping farmers.

Project Vignan

About Project Vignan

  • A wing of IGNITED MINDS,to support young innovations
  • Many students stops their innovations due to lack of support
  • Many students are not aware of future technologies and trends
  • we organise practicle workshops to make innovations..
  • we conducted several science expos to show case projects
  • we support young innovations which can help mankind.
  • Project vignan also focus on technical trainings,courses,hands on projects,webinars etc

Project Darpan

About Project Darpan

  • A wing of IGNITED MINDS,to help in saving lives
  • We fundrise for accident cases and help them from our side
  • We arrange blood for people who need it as emergency
  • We organise counselling programs to create awareness
  • We conducted 100+ public programs as of now for students
  • We helped over 30+ blood requirements in different parts of AP

Project Darpan aims at directing people as per their need.

Project Prakruthi

About Project Prakruthi

  • A wing of IGNITED MINDS,to help animalsand to protect nature
  • Animals also part of earth and they must survive here
  • We arrange food and water for animals in hill areas to help them.
  • We organise plantation program with school children.
  • We conducted several animal food drives in 2020 and 2021
  • We planted over 100+ saplings as a part of our plantation drive
  • Project Prakruthi should become a part in everyone’s life to save nature and animals.


About Project SAMSKRITHI

  • A wing of IGNITED MINDS, to retrive the cultural beauty of INDIA.
  • The coming generations might not witness the Indian culture.
  • We restore the extincting cultures and broadcast them.
  • We organise programs to create awareness about them.
  • We also promote Yoga, traditions and science behind it.
  • We also focus on exploring various scripts of ancient sages.
  • Project Samskrithi will play a key role in exploring various traditions and to restore them again.

Project NIRMAN

About Project NIRMAN

  • A wing of IGNITED MINDS, to empower remote villages.
  • Villages are still requires to improve in several aspects.
  • We conduct surveys and work on village problems.
  • We organise programs to create awareness about health, cleanliness, and other issues.
  • We also work on women empowerment policies, mini scale production units in vlages.
  • We also training youth in several skills that helps for their career.
  • Project Nirman will empower villages In a way that they live happily.

Project NIRMAN

About Project ACHARYA

  • A wing of IGNITED MINDS, to provide trainings,teachings
  • Many students are shutting their dreams due to lack of skill
  • We provide skill trainings,workshops,courses to help them
  • we traines over 3000+ students from 2019 to 2021.
  • we provide free trainings also which are most valuable to youth
  • we also provide job skills,life skills,technological trainings.
  • Project Acharya is an oppurtunity for all youth & students where they can learn without limits
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